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Flooring Package

  • Precision ground replaceable carbide inserts
  • Pattern always remains the same
  • Cutterheads can cut 5/8 - 1 thick material
  • The same cutterheads will accept inserts for straight, bevel or micro-bevel
  • The tongue cuts are available with or without the nail groove
  • Custom patterns are available

Terminus introduces a complete set of cutterheads for flooring!
The set includes the bottom heads for hogging/roughing and finishing, the side heads for tongue and groove and the top head for the backout/relief cut.

All cutterheads use replaceable carbide insert tooling for longer life and lower costs.

Top Cutterhead

The 9200 Series Top Cutterhead uses double-sided replaceable carbide inserts for the backout relief cuts that can be located anywhere across the length of the cutterhead. The double-sided straight planing knives are available in HSS or solid carbide.

Bottom Cutterhead
The 9000 Series Bottom Cutterhead can be used for either hogging / roughing or finishing. The double sided straight planing knives are available in H.S.S. or solid carbide.

Side Cutterheads
The 3 wing 9900 series Tongue and Groove Cutterheads use precision ground replaceable carbide inserts. Your pattern always remains the same! These cutterheads can cut 5/8 - 1 thick material. They can also cut either straight or bevel flooring with or wirhout nail groove, with a simple change of the inserts.

Tongue & Groove Flooring - Straight

Tongue & Groove Flooring - Beveled


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