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Machine Reference

Terminus cutterheads are being used effectively on machines by these manufactureres plus many more!

Bridgewood, Casadei, Diehl, IIDA, Kuwahara, Lobo, Mattison, Mida, Paulson-XL, SAC, SCMI, Steton, Waco, Wadkin, Weinig

A & B, Bacci, Bridgewood, Delta, Jet, Griggio, Lobo, Martin, Northfield, Onsrud, Pade, Powermatic, Ritter,, Rye, SCMI, Unique, Voorwood, Weaver

Buss, Delta, IIDA, Lobo, Mida, Newman-Whitney, Oliver, Pinheiro, Porter, Powermatic, SAC, SCMI, Yates

Delta, Grizzly, Jet, Northfield, Powermatic, Oliver, SAC, SCMI

Acosta, Cemco, Precision Mfg., Timesavers

Custom Designed Cutterheads
In addition to the standard cutterheads listed in this website and our catalog, we can special order many other configurations to meet your specifications or special needs. Contact us for more information! Possibilities include more or fewer knife pockets, special lengths, diameters, or bores, recesses for locking nuts, etc.

Custom Designed Knives
Are you looking for a custom profile to work with our 9100, 9200, or 9300 cutterheads? Get us your specifications and we will work with you to create a custom design, or suggest other options.

Hydro-Lock Cutterheads
In addition to our 9020 Series cutterheads that feature a built-in hydraulic clamping system, we can manufacture any of our 9000, 9100, 9200 or 9300 Series cutterheads with bores to fit ETP sleeves or other hydraulic clamping systems available (also Self-centering sleeves!).

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